Wednesday 05/04/2023, 15:00
STEP-C Saitakis Room

Dr. Lucian Covaci
University of Antwerp (UA), NANOlab, Antwerp, Belgium
e-mail: [email protected]


In the first part of the workshop, I will give an overview of the Pybinding [1] and Quantum-Kite [2] tutorials, starting with an introduction into tight-binding and spectral methods, and continuing with a description of the functionalities and strengths of each code and scenarios on where the codes can be of great use in the description of opto-electronic properties of 2D materials. In the second part, I will present hands-on tutorials in the form of Jupyter notebooks containing Pybinding scripts that will introduce most of the functionalities of the software. Finally, I will present examples from the Quantum-Kite package [3], which uses Pybinding as an interface and allows for efficient simulations of large-scale disordered systems.